How do I add a co-teacher to my PlayPosit account?

The co-teacher option is available with the LTI add-on. The LTI package integrates existing teacher and student logins from your Learning Management System (Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas, etc.) so there is no need to sign up independently for PlayPosit. The LTI add-on also passes back PlayPosit grades directly into your gradebook. 

As soon as the LTI add-on has been installed, any teacher you add to your course in the Learning Management System will have access to your bulbs, student grades, and editing capabilities. The co-instructor functionality allows for multiple instructors/TAs to manage the same course. The first person to launch playposit from the course becomes the primary instructor. Anyone else with a non-student role (co-instructor, TA, etc.) launching the course after that becomes the secondary instructor acting on behalf of the primary instructor. In other words, secondary instructors are always authenticated into the primary instructor's account.

If you would like to designate another teacher as the owner of the course, simply reach out to with the course name and the teacher account you would like designated as the primary owner. 

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