What settings are available for my bulb?

In order to customize any of your bulb's settings, click into the thumbnail found at the top left of the editor (see screenshot).

From here you have access to the bulb's playback settings. Find below a description of each feature:
  • Allow viewers to rewind during questions: Enabling this feature allows students to close a question and review parts of the video before coming back to complete the question. 
  • Allow viewers to skip questions: Enabling this feature makes each question optional, and permits students to proceed with the video without answering the question 
  • Allow viewers to fast-forward: By default, students can only pause and rewind a video to view parts of the video they have reached in the past. Enabling this feature, allows students to skip around within the full video timeline. 
  • Allow viewers to re-take once completed: Enabling this feature, will provide students a 'retry' button at the end of their video lesson. Clicking this retry button will clear all submissions and allow the students to re-submit their responses. 

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