How do I monitor students on my Bulb?

To track student activity and data, click the “Monitor” tab on the dashboard. Select the class grouping, and the bulb you would like to monitor. 

Lesson performance overview:

At the top of the analytics, you are given an overview of how many students reached each question and a distribution of how your class on a whole understood the concepts tested within the question. Clicking into the question from the bar chart expands the view, providing more details on the question itself and how many students got the question right or wrong. Similarly, hovering over the pie chart for average score and lesson completed status, gives you details on the number of students falling within each category. 

Individual Student Data: 

Below the lesson performance, you will see a question by question breakdown of student performance. See how far each student reached and what concepts challenged them. 

Clicking the 'edit all' button from the question header, pulls open all of your student's responses so you can scroll down your student list and quickly assign each response the point value it deserves.


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