How do I get my students signed up?

There are a few different pathways to get your students on board, depending upon your preference.

Option 1: Upload your student roster

Click the "Add students" page from your dashboard after logging in. This will take you to a page where you can enter your student information just like you would enter data into an excel spreadsheet! Click “Submit Roster” once you are done.

For students using a single sign-on options such as Google, we recommend they sign up themselves and add your class. If you're using Google Classroom, classes will automatically be added when you click the Google Classroom button in your Profile.

Option 2: Students register and join your class

After signing up for playposit, students add your class by searching for your last name, class name, or (if you choose to make your class private) your teacher search code.

add class

*Sharing a playposit lesson url (.../delivery/123/1234) with students is a shortcut to link them with your class. When they sign up they will also be able to select which class to join!

Option 3: Choose among our various integrations

We have integrations with the edmodo store (, the schoology store (, Moodle, Blackboard, Powerschools, Canvas, and more. All of these options will automatically import your student accounts so there is no need to manage a new student account with playposit.

For inquiries about our Moodle, Blackboard, Powerschool, Canvas, and other integrations, please contact us to learn more about our school packages - If you're using PowerSchool, please add the plugin by following our PowerSchool setup video (

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