How does the PlayPosit app on Edmodo work?

For a teacher:
As you launch the app, all the Edmodo groups to which you have installed the PlayPosit app to are listed on the app's "home page". You then have the option to add any of these groups as a class or continue on to design a bulb, assign a bulb to a class, monitor students, etc. Added groups will be displayed with a check mark beside them. 

When you add a group, all students associated with that group will be automatically added to its respective class. Note, this is one time only. If a student signs up for your group on Edmodo after you have added it, they will need to manually add themselves. Once the desired groups are added, you can then continue to design a bulb, assign a bulb to a class, etc. as you would normally.

For a student:
When you launch the app, you will be redirected to a page where all your classes are displayed. If you belong to a group and your teacher has added that group as a class, then you will automatically be signed up for it. Be sure to check with your teacher if you do not see yourself signed up for their class. If you are not part of a group when your teacher adds it, you must sign up manually.

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