I want to share my PlayPosit lesson with teachers at a PD session or conference. How can I do that?

Thanks for the help spreading the word about PlayPosit!

Each account can only be designated as either a teacher or a student (not both). If you'd like teachers to experience lesson delivery as a student, here is our recommendation:

1. Navigate to the "Bulbs" tab

2. Click the "share" icon over each lesson thumbnail

3. Distribute a link under "Students" but uncheck "Require Students to Register"

Now at the beginning of the lesson students will be prompted to enter the first and last name before progressing with the lesson. Now in your monitor tab, under the "Unassigned" class, you will be able to see their results. 

**Please note that that for our school partners, we offer a more comprehensive solution for professional development. With this solution, teachers can act as both teachers and students during your session. For more information on the seamless PD experience with PlayPosit , please reach out to partnerships@playposit.com. 

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