Assign the bulb to your class

There are a few options for you to assign a bulb to your class, depending upon your personal preference.

A) Assign through LTI in your Learning Management System (for school partners). With this option, PlayPosit automatically syncs with the roster you have set up within your LMS. Additionally, PlayPosit will send grades book to the LMS gradebook. More info here: .

B) Assign to registered students. This option is recommended for classroom teachers. First, you will need to get your students registered (instructions here). After that, assign the bulb to the class by selecting the "Assign" button over the lesson card in your Bulbs tab.  

Alternatively, distribute the share url or embed code directly to your students. The share url can be found by clicking 'share' over the lesson card in your Bulbs tab. 

C) Assign to unregistered students. This options is recommended for one-time usage by learners (i.e. company staff training). Choose the 'share' icon over the lesson card in your Bulbs tab, and turn off the 'require students to register' option. Distribute this new url to your students. 

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