Choose the perfect share option

We provide two sharing options for each bulb. You can find the sharing options by navigating to the Bulbs tab and clicking the "share" icon you see over each bulb's card. For each sharing option you are also provided an embed code for inclusion in your LMS/personal website.

1. Share with Students: This option captures data on student performance. Their data will appear in your Monitor page under the class that the student has been assigned to (or in the Unassigned class if their is no grouping for the student).

For PD sessions we recommend unchecking the box "Require students to register". Now at the beginning of the lesson, your teachers will be asked to enter their first/last name. All data from this option will be feed into the Monitor grouping of "Unassigned". 

2. Share with colleagues:  This requires no login to view. This option is great for sharing on social media (like Twitter) or with your colleagues. While the viewer of the lesson will be informed whether the answers they select are correct/incorrect, no data will be captured for your monitoring tab. In this option, viewers can skip to any part of the video. If a teacher is logged in while viewing this URL they will be able to download the bulb to their own account with all of the questions embedded.

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