I've had issues with my Zaption import

We’ve been working hard at PlayPosit over the past couple of weeks to help Zaption users transition to our platform seamlessly. To ease the migration process, we’ve been developing an adaptor for Zaption tours to become PlayPosit bulbs. After countless hours debugging and working to perfect this tool, we’ve come across some features of tours that are not as of yet compatible with PlayPosit bulbs or can only be manually fixed in the builder mode after being imported. These are very rare cases, but to make sure we help make this transition as painless as possible, here’s a list of things that might look off on a Zaption-imported video. We’ve also added some suggestions on how to fix the problems, if there are any.

  • If your original video was hosted on Zaption, we recommend switching out the video source.for uninterrupted access. You can either upload the mp4 file to PlayPosit or to another video source such as YouTube.
  • PlayPosit currently does not support drawing in videos.

  • We have added student delivery support for multiple bulbs linked in sequence (like clips within a tour). These are accessible from the ‘REVIEW SHEET’ menu as Part X/Y..

  • In bulbs that include a chain of questions, the question that appears first in student view might not appear first in build mode. However, the question that does appear first in the student mode is the question that appeared first in the Zaption clip. We’re working on a new builder, so soon that won’t be a problem either. If you’d prefer the build mode to show the correct order before we release the new one, you can accomplish this by changing the time of a question and ensuring that it does not appear as part of a chain.

  • In a particularly interesting corner case, we have seen a video with multiple questions outside the span of the video. For example, a video that is about 2 minutes long in student mode and when previewing might have questions at 4 minutes in the builder. This is because the original video used in a tour was modified in some way, or cut, after being uploaded to Zaption. Since we must use the original source video and not the Zaption video itself in order to import the clips, we’ll provide the video as it is now. If you would like the questions placed outside the new video’s span to continue to be asked in your lesson, you can simply change their time to inside the video’s span.

  • When a multiple choice question answer includes “-->”, in the build environment the answer choices will appear as part of the question stem. To fix this, just click to edit the question and that should do the trick.

  • A remnant of Zaption’s ability to place questions right at the end of a lesson, questions in imported lessons can be placed after the final cropped moment of a video. However, if a question is outside the cropped space in the PlayPosit platform, it won’t be asked. If this problem happens in your video, you can either change the crop time of the video, or change the time of the question to inside the cropped zone.

  • When answering a question takes you to a new video lesson, it will jump to 0 seconds of the subsequent video unless fast forward is enabled.

  • Questions marked as check boxes in Zaption tours might show up as poll questions in PlayPosit bulbs if in the Zaption system there was no answer choice marked as correct. Poll questions have no wrong answer and are great for survey type questions.

  • If one of your lessons had a short answer type question, it will be imported as a free response question in the PlayPosit bulb.

We hope you found this list helpful for your migration from Zaption to PlayPosit. If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact integrations@playposit.com.

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