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  1. Accessibility

  2. After an assignment's due date is passed, can the students still access the assignment?

  3. All the scores for my class are missing! What happened?

  4. Analytics 2.0 - new and improved PlayPosit monitoring system.

  5. Are there any guides on the PlayPosit-Edmodo integration?

  6. Are there any simpler login methods for K-5 students?

  7. Assign lessons through LTI in your Learning Management System

  8. Assign the bulb to your class

  9. Assignment due dates do not save within Blackboard

  10. Blue triangle appears on video

  11. Browser Compatibility

  12. Can a colleague or co-teacher download my bulb?

  13. Can I add my own subtitles to the bulb?

  14. Can I chat with my students?

  15. Can I edit a bulb after I created it?

  16. Can I embed a bulb into my Learning Management System (LMS) or blog?

  17. Can I print out a worksheet of my PlayPosit questions and answers?

  18. Can I print out the responses to a discussion?

  19. Can I see some sample lessons?

  20. Can I upload a student roster?

  21. Can Students Create Bulbs?

  22. Can students retake questions?

  23. Can students rewind a video while the question appears?

  24. Can you help me add a class and enter the class information?

  25. Canvas Login to PlayPosit doesn't work as expected

  26. Canvas LTI gradebook pass back is not working!

  27. Choose the perfect share option

  28. Closed Captioning

  29. Collaborate with your colleagues

  30. Create your first Bulb

  31. Do students need an email address to register?

  32. Does PlayPosit work on all browsers?

  33. During lesson playback, I or my students get the error message "This video is private"

  34. During YouTube lessons, I get the message "YouTube - Playback on Other Websites has Been Disabled by the Video Owner"

  35. Edmodo App - will my students automatically be signed up for my classes?

  36. FERPA Compliance and PlayPosit

  37. General Inquiry

  38. Get feedback on lesson effectiveness

  39. Get your students uploaded

  40. How can I branch answer choices?

  41. How can I link my PlayPosit account to my Edmodo account?

  42. How can students reset their password?

  43. How can students review their performance on bulbs?

  44. How can students see what questions they missed?

  45. How do free response questions work?

  46. How do I access the new PlayPosit builder?

  47. How do I add a co-teacher to my PlayPosit account?

  48. How do I add a colleague's bulb to my account?

  49. How do I add audio clips to my questions?

  50. How do I add images to my question?

  51. How do I add multiple video clips into a Bulb?

  52. How do I add students?

  53. How do I assign a bulb to my Google Classroom?

  54. How do I assign a bulb to students/classes?

  55. How do I assign a bulb to unregistered students?

  56. How do I cancel my premium account?

  57. How do I chain questions together in my bulb?

  58. How do I change a question type?

  59. How do I change student class assignment?

  60. How do I change the placement of questions within the video timeline?

  61. How do I change the thumbnail of my bulb?

  62. How do I check/grade students' retake explanation?

  63. How do I clear my browser cache?

  64. How do I convert videos into an .mp4 file under 200 mb?

  65. How do I create additional class groupings for my students?

  66. How do I crop videos?

  67. How do I delete a bulb from class assignment?

  68. How do I delete a bulb?

  69. How do I delete or change the name of my class?

  70. How do I delete students from unassigned?

  71. How do I edit a student's name or email address?

  72. How do I edit the settings of my unit or delete the unit completely?

  73. How do I edit the title/learning objective/video of my bulb?

  74. How do I embed questions into my video?

  75. How do I find information on pricing?

  76. How do I get my students signed up?

  77. How do I keep my bulbs private from the public?

  78. How do I make a duplicate of my bulb (video lesson)?

  79. How do I monitor students on my Bulb?

  80. How do I prevent skipping of my video lesson?

  81. How do I preview a bulb after I create it?

  82. How do I remove a bulb from its unit folder?

  83. How do I remove a video clip from a linked bulb?

  84. How do I remove my students at the end of the year?

  85. How do I reset my own password as a teacher?

  86. How do I search a pre-made bulb?

  87. How do I see an aggregate of student performance?

  88. How do I see which students watched my video? What sort of data does playposit give me?

  89. How do I see, grade, or copy of the bulb my students have made?

  90. How do I upload a video from my hard drive?

  91. How do students improve their scores after the first lesson attempt?

  92. How do students join a class after signing up?

  93. How do students sign up with their google (gmail) credentials?

  94. How does a student view their grade for a lesson they have made?


  96. How does fill in the blank work?

  97. How does gradebook download work?

  98. How does the Discussion question work?

  99. How does the Google Classroom Integration work?

  100. How does the PlayPosit app on Edmodo work?

  101. How does the Schoology app work?

  102. How does the Video Channels feature work?

  103. How many points can be earned from the different question types?

  104. How to Assign a Bulb from the Monitor Tab

  105. How to assign a student to build a lesson/bulb

  106. How to enable third party cookies.

  107. I get an error "The requested video can not be played. Please contact your administrator"

  108. I have an account, classes, bulbs, and/or students on PlayPosit already. However when I open up the playposit app in edmodo, they were all gone! Where did they go?

  109. I want to remove students from the class now. How do I do that?

  110. I want to share my PlayPosit lesson with teachers at a PD session or conference. How can I do that?

  111. I'd like to be able to share my lesson with my colleague so that she can assign it to her classes. How can I do that?

  112. I'm signed up for PlayPosit, but my Edmodo password isn't working.

  113. I've had issues with my Zaption import

  114. If a student does a bulb late, is there anyway I can tell they did the assignment late?

  115. If a student is unlinked to a class, and takes your lesson where do the results appear?

  116. If I create a quiz using the Schoology app, will the score show up in my Schoology gradebook?

  117. In Schoology, I only see sections on the PlayPosit app. Can I add my schoology group as a class?

  118. In Schoology, it shows I added a section as a class when I did not, so I am not able to add that section. What is going on?

  119. Insert equations, images, audio into questions

  120. Is PlayPosit available in other languages?

  121. Is PlayPosit free?

  122. Is PlayPosit in the Edmodo app store?

  123. Is PlayPosit in the Schoology store?

  124. Is there a Google Chrome app?

  125. Is there a way to organize my bulbs?

  126. Is there a way to see my class lists without asking to monitor a specific quiz result?

  127. Is there any limit to the number of videos or students?

  128. Live chat support

  129. LTI Instance Tests

  130. Moodle Integration

  131. My student names are showing up as a comma instead of their first/last name in my settings page.

  132. My students (or I) cannot get their video to play. The bulb will not load. What should I do?

  133. My students cannot find me when they search by my class or last name. What is going on?

  134. My video is choppy - it doesn’t play continuously (it stops and starts while you’re watching), or stops early

  135. No PD button appears for teacher account in my admin dash.

  136. Opt-in or Opt-out of Navigation

  137. Organize your video bulbs into units

  138. Our school blocks YouTube for students. Can I use PlayPosit?

  139. Password Reset

  140. PlayPosit broadcast beta

  141. PowerSchool Integration

  142. Premium: Is there a way that the grades can be exported by single class instead of exporting all classes at once?

  143. Pull from any online video

  144. Share lesson at a PD session

  145. Student score does not appear in the gradebook

  146. Technical Requirements

  147. The orange button on the PlayPosit builder is not appearing

  148. There are advertisements (ads) in my bulb. What is going on?

  149. Upgrade to Premium

  150. View Question by Question breakdown

  151. What apps do you recommend to use with PlayPosit?

  152. What are the different sharing options (for registered students, for unregistered students, share with colleagues) used for?

  153. What are the premium features?

  154. What are the premium question types?

  155. What do all the symbols on Monitor mean?

  156. What do the colors in the monitoring page mean?

  157. What do the smiley faces at the end of the video mean?

  158. What does unassigned in Monitor mean?

  159. What happens if a student takes an unassigned lesson?

  160. What is a bulb?

  161. What is the "skip segment" question type and how does it work?

  162. What is the Network Firewall Bypass?

  163. What is the quickest way to grade free response (aka short answer) responses?

  164. What is the website question type and how does it work?

  165. What settings are available for my bulb?

  166. What video sources can I use with PlayPosit?

  167. Where can I find information on the PlayPosit school edition?

  168. Why am I redirected to a login page from LTI?

  169. Why does the website I entered in website question type not display?

  170. Why should I flip with PlayPosit?

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